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Bernd Paffrath


Everything started with Fred Astaire for him when in the early 80ties a local german TV - Station showed a series of Astaires films, Bernd Paffrath became inspired by this famous master of tap dance.
He first attended several dancing schools in his hometown, Leverkusen, but very soon took lessons from foreign teachers such as Roger Louis (Basel), Chuck Green (New York) and Sam Weber (San Francisco) whom he still considers his
teacher today.
Since then Bernd himself has also worked as a guestteacher in New York and Boston where he has also performed several times at the "North American Tap Dance Festival". Since Summer 2001 he is the tap teacher of the musical department of the Folkwang-Hochschule in Essen.

He has performed in several german TV - Shows e.g. "B. trifft", "Zimmer frei" or the "Weltanztagsgala"
In January 2004 he will join the cast of the famous danceshow "Fire of the Dance" for their tour.

Thomas Gottschalk
lessons for Thomas Gottschalk
Bernd Paffrath







German Champion 1995/1996/1997/1999
International North American Champion 1996/1997
World Champion 1996

Christiane Herzog
...with Christiane Herzog
Savion Glover
...with Savion Glover in New York